Before & After: Transforming the look of my shop

Petals shop

Before I opened my shop in 2014, I had to completely transform the look and feel of the existing store in Nottingham Road. My design objective was to shed the old brand entirely to create a space that was unique to the local market.

I drew my inspiration from European florists such as Odorantes in Paris and Tage Andersen in Denmark; these small, intimate spaces capture the scents of fresh flowers and intrigue their customers.

After duly putting in my Malcolm Gladwell ’10 000 hours’ of research (i.e. pinning on Pinterest and Googling) I definitely had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve!

Now, the décor absolutely reflects the brand, which is timeless, elegant, just a little ‘different’ and of course, constantly evolving.

To achieve just the right wall colour, we went through eight tins of grey paint (i.e. no less than eight return journeys to the paint shop, resulting in my being christened “50 Shades of Grey”), Petals Fine Flowers emerged from her chrysalis!


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