Hot wedding trend: Copper & Rose Gold

Copper & Rose Gold

Because Petals is always evolving, I like to keep an eye on what’s happening at the very heights of fashion. Rather than being enslaved to them, I see trends as sources of inspiration, to which I add my own stamp of uniqueness based on what is locally and seasonally available – and where my creativity takes me in a particular moment.

This May, I was in the UK attending a floral course and was struck by a strong leaning towards copper and gold that is evident in the European and US markets, where 2015 has been – and will continue to be – a very different year (aesthetically) for weddings.

Both in the addition of warm metallic touches to simple/rustic themes or taking centre stage at all-out glam affairs (which, by the way, are making a steady comeback – see below) you’ll see copper and rose gold in the flatware, statement floral vases and even foil invitations. 

Along these lines, here’s an excerpt from one of the blogs I follow:

The grand wedding
“For many of our 2015 weddings, we’ve been noticing a return to classic elegance,” says Allyson Levine of Bob Gail Special Events in Los Angeles. That means soft lighting, lavish fabrics and large floral arrangements. The eclectic element comes into play when couples choose unexpected elements such as a gilded evening with lots of glittering blush-gold touches.

Read more about the copper and rose gold trend here:

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