Why I love auctions (and my biggest auction tip!)

Why I love auctions (and my biggest auction tip!)

I honestly love everything about auctions

Beyond drinking the coffee, buying non-banting sandwiches made by the wonderful fundraising ladies and seeing all the regular faces, I love the idea of re-using, re-purposing or re-finishing; the adrenaline-rush of going for someone’s granny’s old teapot and getting it, knowing that a bunch of rosemary or cluster roses will look simply amazing in it.

I’m constantly thinking about things I can paint, refinish or reframe – old or abandoned pieces that I can breathe new life into; the pieces that would enhance or show off beautiful lilies, freesias or grasses and keep Petals Fine Flowers unique.

Auction houses are essentially clearinghouses for pretty much any object that exists in the world. According to the National Auctioneers Association, auctions go back as far as 500 B.C. If you’re an avid stamp collector, an amateur art collector, an Elvis memorabilia hound or love vintage jewelry, you’ll probably find what you’re after at auction.

My biggest tip for auction novices

Items (or ‘lots’ as they are known) are sold “as is” (”voetstoets”), so it’s really important that you thoroughly check out any articles you’re interested in. That ‘hairline’ crack or dark ‘crazing’ on a gorgeous Linnware vase just might not “hold water” – literally! Like many of my customers, we adore anything with a story, but it still has to perform a function.

Find out more about KZN auctions here: Cannons and Dales are two of the most reputable local auction houses. I might see you there!

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  1. Virginia McIntyre says:

    Hello Anne
    Lovely to see and hear about your new shop. Wishing you all the very best. Love to all the family.

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